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Battle of the bakes ...

On 27th April the Singanayagam lab took its turn to host the CBRB’s staff and students as part of the monthly social event series.

Not to be outdone by some of the excellent events organised by other groups, we decided to whip up a selection of brilliant bakes for the occasion. From samosas handmade by Aran, to spanakopita carefully crafted by Orestis and vegan carrot cake whipped up by Millie, there was a delectable feast on offer.

Baking is not the only activity for which the lab has an affinity. Indeed, the timing of the social aligned with Millie running the London landmarks half marathon for WaterAid, which she managed to zoom through in an impressive time. To support her we jingled the proverbial pot, and thanks to the amazing generosity everyone at the event showed, we were able to raise £400!

It was great to gather friendly faces, both familiar and new, to meet and catch up. We look forward to round 2 and seeing what dizzying heights we can take our baking to ...


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