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Our Team


The Singanayagam Group comprises a set of ambitious and enthusiastic young researchers.


Dr Aran Singanayagam

Principal Investigator

Aran has been a group leader at the CBRB (formerly CMBI) since 2019.

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Ollie Pitts

Research Technician

Ollie has been with the lab since November 2022, his primary research interests lie in the respiratory mycobiome.

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Millie Jackson

PhD Student

Millie is a first year PhD candidate in the Singanayagam group having started as Technician in June 2022.

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Rose Nixon

Clinical Research Fellow

Rose joined us in October 2023 and is studying the immune and microbial landscape within chronic lung diseases including COPD and bronchiectasis


Orestis Katsoulis

Research Technician

Orestis has been with the group since September 2022. His primary interests lie in NETs in virus driven COPD exacerbations.

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Nikhil Patel

Clinical PhD Research Fellow


Erica Jong (Msc. Immunology project student) - Travelling!

Matas Skiotys (MRes. Bacterial Pathogenesis and Infection project student) - 2nd rotation of his MRes at Royal Brompton Hospital

Tasnim Faiez (Research Technician) - PhD candidate at The John Hopkins University

Faisal Kamal (Clinical PhD Research Fellow) - Consultant Respiratory Physician at Royal Berkshire Hospital

Fatima Faizi (MSc. Immunology project student) - Research Scientist at Synthace


Ivan Chan (MRes. BPI project student) - PhD candidate at The University of Manchester


Wangmingyu Xia (MRes. Microbiome project student) - PhD candidate at The University of Cambridge


Hamsa Narasimhan (MSc. Immunology project student) - PhD candidate at LMU Munchen


Internal (Imperial College)

Prof. Robert Snelgrove (NHLI)

Dr. Thomas Clarke (CBRB)

Dr. Avinash Shenoy (CBRB)

Dr. Anand Shah (School of Public Health)

Dr. Gerald Larrouy-Maumus (Life Sciences)

Dr. David Thomas (Inflammation and Immunology)

Dr. Alexiane Decout (MDR)

Prof. Sebastian Johnston (NHLI)

Dr. Phil Molyneaux (NHLI)

Dr. Vanessa Sancho-Shimzu (Infectious Disease)

Prof. Chris Chiu (Infectious Disease)

Prof. Ajit Lalvani (NHLI)


Prof. Nathan Bartlett (University of Newcastle, Australia)

Prof. Sanjay Chotirmall (NTU, Singapore)

Prof. James Chalmers (University of Dundee, UK)

Dr. Peter Cook (University of Exeter, UK)

Prof. Fiona Powrie (University of Oxford, UK)

Prof. Ric Boucher (UNC Chapel Hill, USA)

Prof. Mehmet Kesimer (UNC Chapel Hill, USA)

Dr. Liam Heaney (University of Loughborough, UK)

Dr. Leo Segal (NYU, USA)

Dr. Turki Abujamel (KAU, Saudi Arabia)

Prof. Chris Evans (University of Colorado, USA)

Dr. Vel Ganesan (KMCH, India)

Prof. Tom Wilkinson (University of Southhampton, UK)

Dr. Amelia Shoemark (University of Dundee, UK)


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