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Ollie Pitts

Ollie graduated in 2020 with a first class (hons) MSci degree in Natural Sciences from the University of Nottingham. The interdisciplinary nature of his degree sparked his interest to work at the interface of in silico and wet-lab techniques. Since graduating, he has continued to develop in this vain with time analysing Covid-19 test samples at the UK Biocentre and working for a year as a Research Technician with the Mennella and Martins labs at the MRC Toxicology Unit, University of Cambridge.

Ollie has been a Research Technician with the Singanayagam lab since November 2022. His primary research interests include the pulmonary mycobiome and the pathogenesis of chronic respiratory diseases. Ollie leads the project looking at the role of respiratory mycobiota in antiviral immunity in the context of COPD exacerbations. 

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